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« Your micro-home in four simple steps. »

As a forest cottage, a yoga studio or as a work or leisure space, our micro-houses are the perfect fit for those in need of a serene space to relax, have fun, work or simply be away from the daily grind.



Durable, resistant & eco-responsible

Our standard shells are 8′ wide by 16′ long, built on a steel frame for easy transportation and can be moved easily once delivered. The structure is made of 2″ x 4″ EPS select grade lumber, covered with tongue and groove cedar planks on the inside and horizontal cedar clapboard on the outside. Our roofs are covered with commercial grade sheet metal with an estimated life span of 50 years. The entire structure is insulated with Airmetic soya sprayed polyurethane. This gives us an insulation factor of R21 for the walls and ceiling, and R35 for the floor. The techniques used during construction eliminate thermal bridges, allow passive solar heating and provide a good level of soundproofing.

Choosing your shell

Our three shell models are based on the same template. They differ from each other by their fenestration and the type of door installed.


TOUNDRA Shell model


NORDIK Shell model


BELUGA Shell model



Your own personal touch

We offer different finishing options to allow you to personalize your micro-home:

  • Color of interior and exterior flooring
  • Choice of floor covering
  • Color of the sheet metal
  • Color of doors and windows
  • Frame with axles
  • Balcony and exterior awning
  • Autonomous power supply system

Ask our team for a complete list.



Preconfigured for simplicity

Our preconfigured layout options are designed to optimize the space available in our shells for maximum comfort. They also allow you to save on equipment, materials and construction time.

Our layouts including electricity are all equipped with:

  • 30 A electrical panel
  • 30 A VR connection
  • 15 A outlets
  • Electric convector
  • LED lighting
  • Exterior lighting
  • Air exchanger

Different options

We currently offer six layout options, applicable in our three shell models.

  • Shell without electricity
  • Shell with electricity
  • VIP lodge
  • Worker’s cabin
  • Ready-to-camp
  • Micro-Chalet

Each option is detailed in the individual shell pages.




From our workshop to the location of your choice

CAMM offers guaranteed delivery of all its products by road throughout Quebec and New Brunswick and by boat to the Magdalen Islands. The micro-house will be towed by truck to the installation site and then placed on the ground or on posts, if possible without machinery. For remote sites, the client must indicate the safest itinerary to the location. It is also possible for the client to pick up its micro-house at our workshop by his own means. In this case, it is his responsibility to insure the micro-house for transportation.

Explore our shells and their layouts