Rent a micro!
Rent a micro !

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Built to last

Check out our selection of outdoor furniture built from white cedar, made to withstand the moods of mother nature.

Let the simplicity tempt you

Explore our preconfigured micro-houses concept and choose yours in four easy steps.

Rent in style with our micro-houses

Take advantage of our rental service offered everywhere in eastern Quebec.

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Living spaces to withstand time itself.

CAMM micro-houses are designed with durable, eco-responsible materials that are resistant to the Canadian climate. Choosing a CAMM micro-house is choosing peace of mind, quality, durability and simplicity.

Preconfigured micro-house


Design your micro-home in four easy steps and get a quote quickly with our new pre-configured micro-home concept.


Custom made micro-house

Custom made

Hire CAMM to create your custom micro-home. Our team will accompany you from the conceptualization of your home to its delivery.

Financing available

Thanks to our local partner, you will have access to a personal loan or a mortgage solution that fits your projects and your situation. We accompany you throughout the process. 

Ma financière - Prêts et Placements

Try before you buy!

Our unique, four-season rental service offers you the opportunity to rent a living, working or relaxing space to suit your needs.



Outdoor furniture designed with white cedar and galvanized hardware, with a little maintenance it’s likely to be the last you’ll need to buy.



Four-season eco-responsible functional shelters built for a specific purpose. Consult our offer of kiosk, store, wood shed and much more.

A human enterprise

CAMM is a Quebec-based family business specializing in the manufacture of eco-responsible white cedar micro-homes adapted to the northern climate. We promote a simpler way of life, closer to what is essential, in respect with nature and the resources it offers us.

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Société de développement culturel de Terrebonne (SODECT)
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