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About us

«Living spaces to withstand time itself.»

CAMM is a Quebec family business specializing in the manufacture of eco-responsible micro-houses, built from white cedar, adapted to our northern climate. We promote a simpler way of life, closer to what is essential, in respect with nature and the resources it offers us. By using locally produced eco-friendly materials, by planning our space intelligently and by choosing sustainability over economy, we are building living spaces to withstand time itself.

Micro-house in the workshop
Inside finishing of a micro-house
Micro-house ready to be delivered
White cedar planks

White cedar

White cedar is a stable, highly textured, extremely durable wood and the main material used in our designs. This essence is naturally resistant to insects and rot, making it an excellent alternative to treated wood. In addition, its structure makes it a very good thermal and acoustic insulator and its pleasant smell makes it very interesting for interior carpentry applications. White cedar has a durability rating of 1 according to standard EN 350-2. No other softwood species has achieved this result!

Prizes & Awards

CAMM has been awarded several local and regional awards for its innovation, business model and product quality.

Logo - FIDEL - Fonds d’innovation et de développement économique local de la Matanie

2020 Winner

FIDEL de la Matanie Entrepreneurship grant

Logo - MEI - Ministère de l'économie et de l'innovation du Québec

2021 Winner

Honorary grant as part of the 2017-2022 government action plan for entrepreneurship

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2021 Regional winner

Category “Business Creation”, Category Operation, Transformation, Production and Young Entrepreneur Honor Prize

Our partners

At CAMM, we work to stimulate our local economy and to promote eco-construction initiatives, which is why we do business with companies and organizations in our region that share our values!

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Logo - Scierie L'Ancèdre
Logo - CCRM - Chambre de commerce région de Matane
Logo - DEM - Développement économique Matane
Camille Therrien-Tremblay - CAMM Construction's founder

Camille T-Tremblay

CAMM‘s founder

Founded in 2019 in Saint-Léandre, CAMM is the product of long-standing family expertise in lumber processing and a passion for space optimization. Motivated to participate in the economic development of the region where she grew up, Camille Therrien-Tremblay established her company near the family mill to benefit from the proximity of her wood supplier and the advice of her mentors. From the very beginning, CAMM has been able to target the market’s needs and distinguish itself by its durable, robust and versatile products whose design respects the values of eco-construction and minimalism. The unique nature of her project, her multiple involvements in her community as well as her participation in several entrepreneurial competitions have earned her a great press coverage.

The company continues to innovate by offering, since the summer of 2020, a unique micro-housing rental service in Quebec, which is very popular with tourist establishments and event promoters.